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Cheer Cards

Keep in touch - send a Cheer Card to your loved one at Hawthorne Seniors Care Community.

Your card will be printed as shown and delivered usually the next working day.

Click on the card you would like to send from the samples below.

Clicking on the card will bring you to the order page. Be sure to order your chosen card by name - ex: Birthday - Cake


Birthday - Balloons
Birthday - balloons

Birthday - Cake
Happy Birthday

Birthday - Dad
Birthday Dad

 Birthday - Champagne
birthday champagne
 Birthday - Mom
Happy Birthday Mom

 Greetings - Bird
Greetings to
Greetings - Flowers
Greetings to
 Happy Easter
Easter Greetings to
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day
Father's Day
Happy Father's Day
Father's Day - Compass
Happy Father's Day - Compass
Father's Day - Tools
Happy Father's Day - Tools
Father's Day - Stream
Happy Father's Day - Stream
 Note - Blossoms
Just a note to say...
  Note - Leaves
Just a note to say...
Note - Stuck at Home
Stuck at Home
Note - Thought I'd Say Hello
Thought I'd Say Hello
 Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day