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Steps to Volunteering at Hawthorne

  1. Complete a volunteer application form and submit to the Manager of Volunteer Services.

  2. The Manager of Volunteer Services will confirm that the application was received and schedule an appropriate time for an interview.

  3. An interview will take place at a time convenient for both the Manager of Volunteer Services or designate and the prospective volunteer.

  4. Prospective volunteers must provide the following:
    • Criminal Record Check
    • TB test
    • A minimum of two employment/professional references.
  5. Once the above information is provided, an orientation date will be scheduled. The volunteer will receive a handbook and appropriate position guidelines prior to the orientation. Upon completion of an orientation, both the Manager of Volunteer Services and the volunteer will sign off that the orientation is complete.

  6. References will only be provided to volunteers in good standing. The volunteer must have a minimal of 60 hours of service or otherwise at the discretion of the Manager of Volunteer Services